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Managing/Producing Director

This is a great opportunity for someone at the beginning of an arts administration career who is looking for the chance to get involved with a new, promising theatre company.  

QUALIFICATIONS: We're looking for a smart, responsible, enthusiastic arts administrator who is excited at the prospect of joining us in creating vital, engaging, specific theatre.   The ideal candidate will be incredibly organized, a great communicator, knowledgeable about the Off-Off-Broadway theatre community, computer- and money-savvy, and experienced in some or all of the areas mentioned in Job Description below.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Primary responsibilities will include long-range and project-specific planning and budgeting, implementing fundraising campaigns, receiving and recording donations, maintaining mailing lists, possible grant-writing, and general organizational work.   Other production-specific tasks may include booking spaces, acquiring rights, negotiating contracts, managing ticket sales, coordinating marketing campaigns, and event planning, as well as potentially delegating some of the above tasks.   The Managing/Producing Director will work alongside and report to The It Group's Artistic Director, but will have important managerial responsibility and significant input in the future of the company.  

COMMITMENT: As a small theatre company with a limited production schedule, we're looking for someone who's interested in beginning to work with us on a part-time, volunteer basis.   The schedule will be flexible, and we're willing to work around other commitments. This position has great potential to grow and change, based on the individual's particular skills and interests.  

Please submit your resume and cover letter to The It Group's Artistic Director, Emerie Snyder, at: emerie@intentionaltheatregroup.net




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