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No play is an island.
A collection of short one-person pieces.

plays by Samuel Beckett, Stephen Belber, Sheila Callaghan, Sarah Carbiener, Anton Dudley, Brian Patrick Leahy, Joyce Carol Oates, Erica Rosbe, Davy Rothbart & Richard Strand

directed by Emerie Snyder

November 8-18, 2007

Altered Stages, 212 West 29th Street, NYC

Archipelago consists of 10 short one-person plays that explore themes of solitude, self, and theatricality. All of the plays in Archipelago explore the different ways people relate to, and deal with, their own isolation. A woman stuck trapped inside her own mind, a desperate man in a jail cell, an artist with dynamite strapped to her chest, or a boy in the midst of jumping to his own death who finds hope in the seconds after jumping off a building. All of the characters confront, and ultimately come to grips with, the boxes they've created for themselves.

featuring: Therese Barbato*, Sarah Carbiener, Daniel Owen Dungan, Nick Lewis, Lethia Nall*, Gavin-Keith Umeh & Dan Via*

set design: Michael Kerns
lighting design: Eileen Goddard
costume design: Elisabeth Vastola
sound design: Peter Wood
props design: Ashley Gagner

stage manager: Melissa Figueroa
assistant stage manager: Anne Rumberger

publicity: Emily Owens PR
managing producer: Michael Roderick, Small Pond Entertainment

*Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association. An Equity Approved Showcase.


production photos

all photographs by Joanna Foster Wilson



Nick Lewis in Hold This by Sheila Callaghan
Gavin-Keith Umeh in Scarface by Davy Rothbart

Therese Barbato in Cranberry by Brian Patrick Leahy
Sarah Carbiener in The Cat's Fault by Sarah Carbiener

Nick Lewis in The Way Down by Richard Strand

Lethia Nall in Up Here/In Here by Anton Dudley

Dan Via in Orbit by Erica Rosbe


Daniel Owen Dungan in Act Without Words I by Samuel Beckett



Sarah Carbiener, Therese Barbato & Lethia Nall in
(A Diptych) by Joyce Carol Oates

Nick Lewis in Yes by Stephen Belber



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